May 12, 2012

• x007 April 23 – Boatride – Galapagos Islands.
• x005 April 23 – Airport – Galapagos Islands.
• x001 May 02 – Legoland with Knox – Windsor, England.
• x003 Encounters – Brad and..?.
• x001 Photoshoots – Set 219. Thanks Gabriella.
• x001 Television – Jackass (02).
• x002 Television – Ellen (11).
• x007 Television – The Today Show (12).

PS. Added some rare pics, hope that makes up for my lil time off ;)

February 13, 2012

• x095 February 06 – Charlie Rose (Screencaps).

February 10, 2012
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From his humble birthplace in Oklahoma to high school acting gigs at Kickapoo High School in Missouri, Pitt has traveled the all-American road to Hollywood.

He received his first notice from movie fans in Thelma and Louise, then climbed to superstardom through projects like A River Runs Through It, Interview with a Vampire, Seven, Twelve Monkeys, Meet Joe Black, Fight Club and Oceans Eleven. His recent films The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Inglorious Basterds garnered critical acclaim.

Pitt has won numerous awards in addition to two Best Actor Oscar nominations. His filmography shows the work of a truly great actor, but few realize he has also produced Oscar award winning films under his production company Plan B Entertainment.

Biography has set new standards for the biographical documentary. The series has twice won the EMMY® Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Series from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and now airs every Sunday at 10 pm on GMA News TV Channel 11.

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February 2, 2012

• x002 TV – February 02 – Inside the Actors Studio.
• x014 TV – February 01 – The Today Show.
• x001 TV – January 23 – CBS Sunday Morning.
• x001 Photoshoots – Set 215.

February 2, 2012
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February 1, 2012
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Ann Curry’s first question: “How is it up there on Cloud 9?”

Cracked Brad: “Any moment sitting next to Jonah is Cloud 9, as you will quickly pick up on. No, it’s really nice, really nice for the film. This thing was an arduous undertaking. … I’m happy it’s paid off.

Pitt admitted there was some pranking on the set. “They gave us golf carts” to travel from one set of the lot to the other, he explained, going past several other productions. “I had Jonah’s cart rigged. Whenever he turned it on it would blast Wake me up Before you Go-go. … It was pretty good, I gotta say.

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