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DreamWorks Animation’s “Oobermind” has enlisted three new superheroes, with Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill set to lend their voices to the comedy set for release in fall 2010. Ferrell replaces Robert Downey Jr. in the title role of a supervillain who imagines all his dastardly dreams coming true after defeating good-guy rival Metro […]

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Aug 09
Voyage of Time

The Playlist has been great about uncovering info about the two upcoming Terrence Malick films, The Tree of Life and Voyage of Time. The Tree of Life is the feature starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt in a father/son tale about the loss of innocence. Voyage of Time is an IMAX documentary about, essentially, the […]

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Well I managed to update some of the subpages of to give you more reliable information on things about ‘n around Mr Bradley. For instance, I’ve updated the Bikes page with info (model, first spotted and where) along with a picture of all the bikes Brad has been spotted on since the year 2004. […]

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Brad presented a Nick Drake Special on BBC radio 2, at 9pm on January 3, 2005 in London, UK. If you can provide more info, please contact me. “I’m Brad Pitt and I’m a huge admirer of this english singer/singwriter who has influenced singers from REM to Radiohead to Norah Jones..” • x03 Nick Drake […]

At a time when expensive adult dramas keep striking out at the box office, it appears not even Brad Pitt and director Steven Soderbergh can entice a Hollywood studio to spend about $57 million on a baseball movie. Pitt and Soderbergh, who were given a short window to set up their adaptation of the 2003 […]

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Jun 22
BP Media Update

• x02 Mountain Dew – Commercials (85).

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Brad Pitt’s new baseball movie is hitting Phoenix in the next day or two for a couple of days of filming. Pitt plays a baseball executive in the film “Moneyball,” an adaptation of a best-selling book. So will Pitt be here for the filming? Probably, says the film’s publicist, Spooky Stevens. “Yes, but it’s not […]

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I have to admit that when Michael DeLuca called me earlier this year, saying he was finally going to get “Moneyball” made into a movie, I figured he must’ve been smoking the proverbial Hollywood crack pipe. Anyone who loves baseball has read Michael Lewis’ bestseller about how Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane almost single-handedly […]

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