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Important Artifacts

Small mention from an interview with the writer.

Mottola is penning romantic novel adaptation “Important Artifacts” for Natalie Portman, Paramount and Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment. “It’s a writing-only gig that doesn’t have a director, so I may throw my hat in the ring, and there’s a slight chance Pitt might want to be in it,” he says.

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Cogan’s Trade?

Brad Pitt is negotiating to star in and produce Cogan’s Trade, a comedic crime saga that re-teams Pitt with Andrew Dominik, who directed Pitt in the gunslinger role in the 2007 Western The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford. This time, Pitt will play Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that takes place during a high stakes poker game held under the protection of the mob.

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Brad to star in World War Z

Comic-Con is barely underway in San Diego and we already have some big news from the show floor!

While chatting up “World War Z” author Max Brooks at the booth for comic publisher Avatar Press, the writer confirmed to MTV News that the adaption of his novel about the zombie apocalypse is not only moving forward, but Brad Pitt is now officially attached to star in the film. Additionally, Brooks revealed that Paramount has optioned the movie rights to two more of his projects: “The Zombie Survival Guide” and “The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks” graphic novel.

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Plan B: The Big Short

Brad Pitt continues to indulge his bromance with hotshot financial journalist Michael Lewis. The actor has already agreed to star in a big-screen adaptation of Lewis’s 2003 best seller, Moneyball, at Columbia Pictures. Now Vulture has learned that Pitt, who is producing an adaptation of The Big Short, Lewis’s explication of America’s 2008 financial meltdown, is moving quickly to get his most recent best seller made: Insiders tell Vulture that Paramount and Pitt’s company, Plan B, are imminently hiring screenwriter Charles Randolph (The Interpreter) for a cool three-quarters of a million dollars to adapt the Lewis book.

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The Imperfectionists picked up by Plan B

Brad Pitt is gearing up to produce a new film set in the world of journalism. Deadline New York is reporting that Pitt and his Plan B production company have picked up the rights to the new novel The Imperfectionists.

The film will be based on the novel by Tom Rachman that was recently published this spring and centers on an English-language newspaper
in Rome. Rachman is a former AP writer who was stationed in Rome and based the book off his own experiences and it was said that the novel explores the professional and personal lives of journalists.

Plan B struck a deal for the film with Reliance Entertainment, which the site reports gives Pitt and his company, “another option when home studio Paramount Pictures says no” to film projects.

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Inferno burns for Brad Pitt’s Lost City Of Z

Inferno Entertainment has come aboard as international sales agent on James Gray’s red-hot adventure project The Lost City Of Z to star Brad Pitt.

Buyers have been flocking to the project, which is being styled in the vein of Lawrence Of Arabia and is based on Gray’s adapted screenplay of David Grann’s recent bestseller.

The true story takes place in the early twentieth century and charts 30 years in the life of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, a former decorated British soldier turned explorer.

Fawcett developed an obsession for the Amazon and became convinced that an advanced civilisation lived within the interior after several adrenaline-fuelled expeditions where he narrowly escaped death from tribal encounters, deadly animals and devastating diseases.

He eventually lost backing for the trips and self-funded a final trek into the Amazon with his son from which neither returned.

It is understood Pitt’s Plan B will produce. Inferno’s Bill Johnson and Jim Siebel declined to comment, however they would most likely come aboard as executive producers.

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Battling Boy gets a rewrite

The second project is a rewrite of the Paramount film “Battling Boy,” which is part of Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company. The film is based on the graphic novel of the same name, which is about “the son of a god who is sent down by his father from the top of a mountain to rid the giant city of Monstropolis of a plague of beasts.” Aren’t beasts supposed to be in a place called Monstropolis? This also is unrelated to Tim Burton’s proposed “Monsterpocalypse,” and thank god, the more monsters (or killing of monsters) the better. Hopefully Green and Parkinson can make something fun out of this, but honestly it kind of sounds like a paycheck development gig. The screenplay was originally written by “Watchmen” script writer Alex Tse.

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