January 9, 2010

Over 6000 members of the Academy vote in three rounds to decide the winners of the Orange British Academy Film Awards and the Long List is the result of Round One of voting. With 220 films entered this year, this first round reduces the entered films down to fifteen in each category. Round Two voting will reduce these fifteen contenders down to the five nominations in each category.

The full list of nominations will be announced on Thursday 21 January at BAFTA Headquarters.

Brad is pre-nominated as leading actor for his Lt. Aldo Raine from Inglorious Basterds.

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November 12, 2009
by admin / Brad News

Brad has been nominated for a People’s Choice award for Favorite Movie Actor. Inglourious Basterds is nominated for Independent Movie. Read more. Thanks Natlc.


November 3, 2009

According to several Twitter posts, Brad is enroute to Tokyo and most likely will appear at the Inglourious Basterds premiere and promotional events tomorrow, November 4th. So keep an eye out. Thanks Asanty.

October 28, 2009
by admin / Mention News Projects

Jay Leno isn’t the only Hollywood celebrity with a hanger full of cars. Los Angeles is full of closet gear heads and, they’re lining up to do 20th Century Fox’s new racing movie, Go Like Hell.

The film is based on recently optioned book called “Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans”. Set in the 1960s, the book is the true story of the Ford motor company’s attempt to beat the exotic Euro auto manufacturers at their own game by hiring a crack team to beat them in European racing. It’s the 60s by the way which manes safety took a back seat to speed and race car drivers were as much daredevils as they were professionals. Blowing up halfway down the track wasn’t out of the question.

What’s most interesting about this project are the number of big names who may be involved. Producer Lucas Foster appeared this week on the Adam Carolla Podcast and talked endlessly about his plans for the film, including who might star in it. Lucas says, “I have a lot of interest from big actors. It would shock you the telephone calls that have come in from people.” In particular Foster says, “There’s a lot of conversation with my good friend, Brad Pitt.” He further confirmed that they’ve spoken to Josh Brolin while mentioning that he’s also interested in Russell Crowe, Matt Damon (for the role of Phil Hill), Eric Bana, and Daniel Day-Lewis.

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October 24, 2009
by admin / Brad News

X17online can report exclusively that Brad Pitt fell off his motorcycle after hitting the back of a car in Hollywood just ten minutes ago.

Brad appeared to be uninjured (thankfully he was wearing his helmet), and he picked up his bike and pulled it off the road. Brad then went into a building just next to the scene of the accident, and X17 photogs on the scene tell X17online that the bike he was riding was the one we spotted being delivered to his house just the other day.

Brad’s assistant just picked him and is now taking him home, and they left the bike at the scene of the accident.

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Brad was hit from behind by a paparazzo driving a Saturn just moments before the incident occurred. The bump by the photographer’s car caused Brad to lose his balance and hit the car in front of him, but it took a few seconds for the tap to jostle Brad off of his bike. As far as we know, there was no damage to the motorcycle or to the car but as you can imagine, Brad was very upset with the pap.

Our photographers witnessed a visibly upset Brad speaking with the guilty pap as he pulled his bike from the street, but it looks like everything is going to be okay, as Brad was smiling when he left the building to hop into his assistant’s car.

Glad Brad is ok!

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August 10, 2009
by admin / News SimplyBrad.com

As you may have noticed, the previous update was done by my friend La_miga. You may know her from her wonderful spanish Brad and Angelina fansite Brangelina Espanol. Due to me going on a trip to London this weekend, and at the end of the year for a much longer period to Australia, she has graciously accepted my plea to help out. I’m very committed to the website and so it would bug me if the site isn’t updated when grand Brad news is announced lol.

So, La_miga will keep you all up-to-date on everything Brad like I always try to do. Any new pictures will have to wait until I return. For my next trip I will have to see if I can also arrange the picture updates. Since SB is such a huge website with many layers of work and organisation (and me being the annoying perfectionist), this is how it will be for this coming trip. Please give her a warm welcome :)

Alright, so that’s the staff update. And now we gotta wait for pics to show up as Brad will attend the Los Angeles Inglourious Basterds premiere today!