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How did you get involved with the project? A: I was actually contacted originally by Brad Pitt who at that time was starring in the film and they were looking for a director of the movie. I had an association with his company and somebody suggested my name in association with this, so I met […]

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With all the news today about “Baby Fae,” the California baby who was given the world’s first baboon heart transplant in 1984 and lived 21 days, Speakeasy’s memory was jogged into thinking about the film “Untamed Heart.” We have a soft spot for the 1993 romantic drama, which starred Christian Slater as a sensitive busboy […]

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After running up a huge gross of more than $250 million worldwide since its late August opening, director Quentin Tarantino’s WWII epic “Inglourious Basterds” is now shifting gears from its initial marketing phase as a “popcorn picture” to serious Oscar contender. Thursday that campaign seemed to begin in earnest for the Weinstein Co. when Tarantino […]

When you first heard Brad Pitt’s accent for [Aldo] Raine, what do you think? Your characters, their encounter at the end, it’s a very strange relationship. His accent seems incredibly risky to me, but I think it works in the end. Your opinion? Christoph Waltz: Well, I read the words on the script, and in […]

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Brad Pitt may not have any confidence in his own mayoral bid but one person who benefited from his Make It Right Foundation thinks otherwise. Melba Leggett-Barnes, who received a new home through the charity, chatted with about her recent run-in with Pitt and the support he has shown her from the moment they […]

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On Friday night in New Orleans, Britain’s Kaiser Chiefs wrapped their series of dates supporting Green Day with a spectacular finale that included a stage invasion and a superstar sighting. “Brad Pitt was there,” Kaiser’s drummer Nick Hodgson told Spinner Saturday morning. “It was totally cool. We met Brad Pitt.” Hodgson explained he ran into […]

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Aug 10
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Novak complimented Pitt for his constant good nature. “Brad would keep his [Southern] accent between takes, spend a lot of time choosing his guns and weapons,” Novak said. “He always brought a sense of fun to the set.” Source/discuss.

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There are murmers afoot that the rightful heir to this illustrious lineage resides (sometimes) right here in New Orleans. Say it with me now: Mayor Brad Pitt. Has a nice ring to it, no? And is it as far-fetched as it seems? Well, probably yes. It would be a stretch to call the Brad Pitt […]

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