September 18, 2011

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September 17, 2011

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September 16, 2011

Brad Pitt is a satisfied man. Or at least that’s what he tells Sunday’s Parade magazine in promotion of his latest film, “Moneyball.” In a very candid interview, Brad shares why he wasn’t happy in his marriage with Jennifer Aniston and how much he loves Angie. Plus, he addresses those pesky wedding rumors.

On why he’s happy now:

“I put much more emphasis on being a satisfied man. I’m satisfied with making true choices and finding the woman I love, Angie, and building a family that I love so much. A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss. … That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.”

“It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

On his decision to start a family with Angelina Jolie
One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom. She is such a great mom. Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her.”

“How many stories have you read that aren’t true, stories about me and Angie being married or fighting or splitting up? And when we don’t split up, there’s a whole new round that we’ve made up and we’re back together again! We’ll get married when everyone can. We’re not splitting up. And we don’t have a seventh child yet.”

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Lots more snippets @ the link. Magazine will come out this sunday.

September 16, 2011

Brad Pitt gives a rare, three-and-a-half hour interview in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, speaking from London where he’s promoting Moneyball and shooting the zombie epic World War Z. He talks about career highs, like meeting Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith: “We had some good workshops beforehand. Had some good laughs and ideas. That was just a great collaboration that turned into a greater collaboration.” He admits the couple may want to rethink their policy of never working at the same time — it helps with child rearing, but also means they can’t make movies together. “We should be doing them together,” Pitt says, in the first in a series called The EW Interview, dedicated to icons reflecting on their careers. “That’s what we should be doing. We should be doing everything together, and then we could work less. We could have more time off.”

The conversation covers many low moments as well, and Pitt is ruthlessly honest about his own failures. Told he looks miserable in 1994’s Interview with The Vampire, he says: “I am miserable. Six months in the f—ing dark. Contact lenses, makeup, I’m playing the bitch role…” Pitt says he was depressed by the colorless role and the dreary London shoot: “One day, it broke me… I called David Geffen, who was a producer… I said, ‘David, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do it. How much will it take to get me out?’ And he goes, very calmly, ‘Forty million dollars.’”

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The magazine will be out sept. 16th! Lots more snippets @ the link. Hilarious.

September 14, 2011

• x004 NY Magazine (August ’11). Thanks Gabriella.

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September 14, 2011
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Parade magazine comes with Sunday’s print edition of The Journal Gazette. Here is what is featured this week:

Inside Brad Pitt’s world: With films, family and finding ways to give back, Brad Pitt is on a winning streak. He tells Parade what he’s learned about life from his kids and from his own dad.

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August 23, 2011
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In stands today! Can someone please scan it for SimplyBrad? I’d be very grateful :) Preview below…

August 22, 2011

• x003 New York Magazine (Fall Movie Preview).

You can read the full interview @ BP Press (NY Magazine – Brad’s Pitch).

I just got a slight heart attack when I came upon this new photoshoot picture for New York Magazine. Slight, huge? Wow. I love it so much. Who is willing and able to scan this for the website? Please? In stores tomorrow.

August 11, 2011

Brad Pitt reveals the particular challenges of turning Michael Lewis’ 2003 book Moneyball into a movie. “Listen, we’re dealing with economics, we’re dealing with [statistics-driven] sabermetrics, we’re dealing with things that are not necessarily dramatic cinematically and palatable for an audience. Even Michael Lewis said to us, ‘Sure, I’ll sell you the rights. I don’t know how you’re going to make a movie out of it…’”

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US premiere will be in Oakland, CA September 14th, 2011. You can win prizes and a chance to attend the premiere, go to this link. Thanks Raiderfan.

Magazine alert: Entertainment Weekly (Twilight Saga stars on cover).

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August 8, 2011

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