December 10, 2011

• x272 December 08 – In the Land of Blood and Honey – Los Angeles, CA.

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December 9, 2011

Just when you thought America’s version of royalty couldn’t be any cooler.
Angelina Jolie makes her directorial debut with In the Land of Blood and Honey, and not only is it breathtakingly powerful (she shot the film in both English and Bosnian) but her life partner Brad Pitt adds a dash of spice.

He makes a cameo, and it is easy to miss…but here it goes, Semi-Spoiler Alert:

When the lead actor Goran Kostic shoots a man running from a far, snowy distance away, the so-called extra that is killed is in fact Brad. He is shot twice through the lens of the shotgun, but we could never miss Brad’s mug! He’s hit once, falls down, then is hit again with the kill shot.

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December 6, 2011

• x129 December 05 – In the Land of Blood and Honey – New York City, NY.

November 24, 2011

Jolie says, despite settling down, she still has some of that edginess to her. “I’m still a bad girl,” she tells Simon. “I still have that side of me…it’s just in its place now…it belongs to Brad. Or…our adventures.”

Simon and “60 Minutes” cameras visited Jolie in Budapest, where she filmed some of the central scenes in her upcoming film, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” She wrote and directed the film, a dark love story set during the war in Bosnia in the early 1990s.

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September 16, 2011

For a while now, we’ve been trying to get Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to dish details about her directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” and his rumored cameo in the project. Last December, all Jolie would say about whether Pitt was involved in the film, a love story about a relationship between a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman in the lead-up to the 1992 Bosnian war, was this: “Possibly.”

Taking a cue from his lip-sealed lady, Pitt was determined at the Toronto International Film Festival this week not to say a peep about “Blood and Honey.”

“I will say nothing,” he declared. “Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.”

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August 6, 2011

According to this small interview with one of the actors that appears in ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’, a movie written and directed by Angelina, Brad will have a cameo in the movie.

What are the impressions from the set about Angelina and Brad?
– I have to admit that I did not socialize much on the set. I’ve seen Brad less frequently than Angelina, he was more like a guest on the set and appears in one scene. One day we were shooting a scene on the bus, and then on the shooting break I spent a little more time with Angelina. When shooting was completed, Angelina organized party and we talked a lot on that occasion. I can say that I am thrilled with Angelina, she is a modest woman, with both feet firmly on the ground, very humble, and very serious with her job as director. I was surprised how much she knows about entire situation in this region, perhaps more than most people who live in Serbia. She is cheerful, positive. I will never forget her smile, because every time we shoot a scene well, she turned to us, smiled and nodded. She is committed to the children and impressed me with her attitude towards pregnant cast member during the shooting .

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