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August 03 BP Gallery Update

• x001 Cadillac – Promo.
• x160 February 05 – LAX Airport – Los Angeles, CA.
• x082 June 14 – Airport – London, England.
• x006 June 28 – Ago Restaurant – Los Angeles, CA.
• x012 July 03 – Beverly Hills, CA.
• x001 Fury – Stills.

Thanks Vaska & Yukko.

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April 07 BP Gallery Update

• x021 Big Men (Special Screening) – Los Angeles, CA (03/26/14).
• x002 Warwick Cafe – Los Angeles, CA (03/22/14). Thanks Vaska.
• x004 Encounters – Brad and ?.
• x001 Advertisement – Cadillac. Thanks Vaska.

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March 14 BP Gallery Update

• x002 Cadillac.
• x014 March 04 – Airport – Marseille, France.
• x009 March 12 – Los Angeles, CA.
• x002 Architectural Digest (’12).

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March 13 Another Cadillac commercial

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January 27 Brad signed Cadillac endorsement

Shanghai General Motors Cadillac brand today announced the formal signing of international superstar Brad Pitt, Pitt will be the upcoming luxury sedan Cadillac XTS spokesperson. This month, Brad Pitt has done in North America the Cadillac XTS new large ad shoot. Heritage brand’s 110-year history of the classic Cadillac XTS luxury design and innovative technology to bring revolutionary driving experience, the collaboration with Brad Pitt, not only will continue the saga between the Cadillac brand and superstars, but will also be by the unique charm of the spokesperson, the perfect interpretation of this new luxury car’s innovative style.

Read more. Credit to Maria. Had to translate it via Google Translate, bare with me, my chinese language skill is non existent.

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