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On Friday night in New Orleans, Britain’s Kaiser Chiefs wrapped their series of dates supporting Green Day with a spectacular finale that included a stage invasion and a superstar sighting. “Brad Pitt was there,” Kaiser’s drummer Nick Hodgson told Spinner Saturday morning. “It was totally cool. We met Brad Pitt.” Hodgson explained he ran into […]

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Brad Pitt: the man behind the soap opera He’s gone from the Sexiest Man Alive to one half of the World’s Most Talked About Couple. Yet these days, with a gritty role in Inglourious Basterds and high-profile charity projects, Brad Pitt casts himself as the cultured philanthrope. But is it a role that suits him? […]

Aug 01
Ask Brad a question

He’s Hollywood’s most famous father of six and partner to Angelina Jolie. Now Brad Pitt is leading a different sort of troop: a group of American Nazi hunters as Lt. Aldo Raine in the World War II-era, Quentin Tarantino-directed epic Inglourious Basterds. As the actor takes a moment to talk to PEOPLE, here’s your chance […]

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Well I managed to update some of the subpages of to give you more reliable information on things about ‘n around Mr Bradley. For instance, I’ve updated the Bikes page with info (model, first spotted and where) along with a picture of all the bikes Brad has been spotted on since the year 2004. […]

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Human Rights Watch said Friday that Zimbabwe’s armed forces have taken over diamond fields in the east and killed more than 200 people, forcing children to search for the precious gems and beating villagers who get in the way. The New York-based organization said its call for a ban on diamonds from the region had […]

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There are murmers afoot that the rightful heir to this illustrious lineage resides (sometimes) right here in New Orleans. Say it with me now: Mayor Brad Pitt. Has a nice ring to it, no? And is it as far-fetched as it seems? Well, probably yes. It would be a stretch to call the Brad Pitt […]

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It’s a big deal that’s about to get better for families in the Ozarks. On Saturday, St. John’s Hospital announced its children’s hospital will become a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital affiliate. For families in the Ozarks, this means: – As an affiliate, many treatments that are administered at St. Jude will be administered at […]

Jun 12
Brad Update

The Brad info page was updated with more information about his Awards, Tattoos specifically the last one spotted, ‘number 07’. Thanks also Sandra.

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