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Nov 21
BP Press Update

This part of the network I am quite proud of actually, cause of me being a perfectionist when it comes to Brad, I want to be accurate and have honest information so is (as far as I know) the biggest press archive on all of Brad’s official interviews since he started doing them. […]

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If you’re choosing a team of the coolest dudes on the planet, by all means pick Brad Pitt first. If you’re choosing a team to play, y’know, an actual sport, maybe pick that dweeby kid in the spectacles standing next to him … “It was high noon,” recalls Pitt, setting the scene of his schoolyard […]

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Like old buddies reuniting for a happy hour at the corner bar, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill enter the room already gabbing and laughing. He’s got his back: Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill star in Moneyball. It’s the true-life story of Billy Beane, the man who revolutionized the way professional baseball players are evaluated. He’s […]

If you built a movie star from scratch, he would probably possess these qualities: traffic-stopping looks, charisma, wit, character, and probably most important, the savvy to get to the top of the Hollywood heap and remain there. Somehow, Brad Pitt figured out the formula. But it isn’t that simple. He also seems to have pursued […]

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Sep 18
BP Press Update

Helu, just to let you lovely visitors know that BP Press was updated with three new interviews. Well worth reading. I’m hoping to transcribe the Entertainment Weekly interview soon, for archive purposes. Volunteers are always welcomed ;)

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Sep 16

Brad Pitt is a satisfied man. Or at least that’s what he tells Sunday’s Parade magazine in promotion of his latest film, “Moneyball.” In a very candid interview, Brad shares why he wasn’t happy in his marriage with Jennifer Aniston and how much he loves Angie. Plus, he addresses those pesky wedding rumors. On why […]

Brad Pitt gives a rare, three-and-a-half hour interview in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, speaking from London where he’s promoting Moneyball and shooting the zombie epic World War Z. He talks about career highs, like meeting Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith: “We had some good workshops beforehand. Had some […]

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• x003 Parade. • x001 Entertainment Weekly.