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Cinema for Peace Show

The organization of Cinema for Peace award again outstanding films that are directed against human rights abuses, war and genocide, and awarded Jolie for her film In The Land Of Blood And Honey.

Thanks Gabriella. It’s very adorable to watch Brad outbid Angelina at an auction moment later on in the video. So do watch it.

BP Media Update

I know I have been promising it months ago but believe me; updating the media section of is the most labor intensive and time consuming part of maintaining this website. A joy cause I get to watch Brad in every vid I own, but yea, also a pain to code all the pages and edit the files etc.

I have now opened the Public Appearances section again, until 2009 so far. Will let you know when more pages have been added. Enjoy! Huge thanks to Sue, my video buddy <3

Jonah Hill Calls Brad Pitt the “Bobby Fischer” of Pranking

Brad Pitt was paired up with his Moneyball costar Jonah Hill at today’s Oscar nominee luncheon. Brad teased that he met someone by the name of “Jorge” Clooney at the event, and it seems Mr. Pitt always has the last laugh at least when it comes to pranking Jonah. See the two stars banter about their on-set antics in this video from the luncheon.

Thanks Gabriella. Brad is seriously funny lol.

FYI. I don’t know if I am the only weird person here but I think I could watch a whole entire movie of Brad just saying the little word ‘and‘. I’m telling you, pay attention to how Brad always pronounces that teeny tiny word. Heaven. Aaaaaaand…

Why Brad Pitt was “obsessive” about “Moneyball”

Oscar nominee Brad Pitt made his first TV appearance in an episode of the hit show “Dallas.” Now, 25 years later, he’s a household name for his work in movies — and for his relationship and life with Angelina Jolie.

Charlie Rose recently sat down with the start to discuss why he says his life in the past year is as good as it gets and why he worked so hard to make the acclaimed movie “Moneyball.” The transcript of the interview follows.

Charlie Rose: This is a story of obsession for you…what was it?

Brad Pitt: It was a story of an obsessive character and I was obsessive about getting it to the screen. It was this idea of value and our self worth and how it is often tabulated by a failure. And you look at the Billy Bean character, he had been completely devalued by his sport. He was playing for a small market team and had to rethink the game. And had to question why we had been doing the things we do for so long. And in doing so, found this whole other talent pool of other people who had been devalued, and they started winning games. They got a second chance, and they started winning games. I thought it was a story we’re telling now about success and failure.

Charlie Rose: You felt a kinship with him.

Brad Pitt: Yes, definitely. He was emotional about the games. He couldn’t even watch the games. He didn’t want to cloud his thinking. I understand that to some degree – there were just attributes about him and this push and this need to make things fair, to find a level playing field. If we’re gonna compete, let’s make it fair. And I’m a bit of a justice nut.

Charlie Rose: We’re now in our fourth or fifth week on this show and we showed this movie to our staff at the beginning just to say here’s someone going against the odds and against expectations.

Brad Pitt: And that you can actually win in unconventional ways…

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