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Sep 11
BP Media Update

• x002 Candids, subpages 2010 & 2011. • x004 In the Land of Blood & Honey, Cameo & Premieres. • x015 Moneyball, Premieres, Pressjunkets, Pressconferences, TV. • x001 Killing Them Softly, Trailer. • x001 Misc, MLB All-Star Promo. • x014 Public Appearances, subpage 2012.

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Thanks to everyone that warned me about this video being released. I am catching up with everything today! My apologies, once again.

Brad Pitt took a few minutes with WWNO reporter Eileen Fleming to review the status of the Make it Right project he founded in the Lower Ninth Ward. Before hosting a fundraiser, he spent some time in the neighborhood. For my meeting with Brad Pitt for a 15-minute interview, I drove as instructed to a […]

Skip to the 30 minute mark to start watching the livestream. Brad was amazing. Support the cause please! (Download available soon) • x016 March 03 – 8 – Los Angeles, CA (Premiere). • x002 March 03 – 8 – Los Angeles, CA (Rehearsal). • x030 March 03 – 8 – Los Angeles, CA (Reading).

And some bonus material. Thank you for recording it JoliePittStop and thank you for uploading it SirPsychoFlea.

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The organization of Cinema for Peace award again outstanding films that are directed against human rights abuses, war and genocide, and awarded Jolie for her film In The Land Of Blood And Honey. Thanks Gabriella. It’s very adorable to watch Brad outbid Angelina at an auction moment later on in the video. So do watch […]

Feb 13
BP Media Update

• x006 Talkshows: 2011 & 2012. Charlie Rose, The Today Show, 60 Minutes, The Project. • x006 Moneyball: Premieres & Pressconferences. Cannes, France. • x002 Misc: Photoshoots. Sports Illustrated, The Hollywood Reporter. • x005 Public Appearances: 2012. Golden Globes. Thank you Sue. Gosh, what a beautiful man.

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