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Feb 02
And more pics…

• x002 TV – February 02 – Inside the Actors Studio. • x014 TV – February 01 – The Today Show. • x001 TV – January 23 – CBS Sunday Morning. • x001 Photoshoots – Set 215.

Feb 02
New Candids

• x039 January 31 – Pace University – New York City, NY. • x009 February 01 – Arriving at CBS Studio – New York City, NY. • x003 February 01 – Leaving CBS Studio – New York City, NY. • x005 February 01 – Arriving for ‘The Daily Show’ – New York City, NY.

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Jan 31

We sit in silent “Fiji” water in the Gulf of Mexico. Swim out and waving his children: “There is nothing that changes your life more than being a father. It’s such a wonderful change your life perspectives. Everything is relative. I would never trade youth for wisdom that I learn every day and go for […]

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• x124 January 29 – Screen Actors Guild Awards – Los Angeles, CA.

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The superstar with multiple Oscar nominations has everything: a brilliant career, a partner he wants to marry and, in “Moneyball,” a seeming disaster he turned into a masterpiece. Still, Hollywood’s producer-actor confesses to earlier bouts of depression and a relentless need to question just about everything (himself included): “This idea of perpetual happiness is crazy […]

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Jan 25
Hollywood Reporter

Brad covers the latest The Hollywood Reporter magazine with a lovely new photoshoot and online interview as well. Check out the video, thanks to Lynn. Also made some screencaps as he is looking oh so very lovely. Thanks Gabriella. • x031 January 24 – The Hollywood Reporter. Thanks Sara.

Jan 25
New Candids

• x015 January 23 – Beverly Hills, CA.

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Jan 24
Fan Encounter

• x002 Gabriella: Producers Guild Awards – Beverly Hills, CA (01/21). Thanks Gabriella! You lucky, lucky chick! Share yours: If you also have been so very lucky to have seen Brad or even met Brad and you were able to take some photos, please share them via my website, I’d love to add them to […]