May 29, 2014

We hope this doesn’t mean you’re giving up your day job, Brad.

I’m a farmer now.

That’s Brad Pitt — actor, producer, father, partner, do-gooder — announcing yet another career shift to Wine Spectator in their June issue. The magazine sat down with Pitt at his and Angelina Jolie’s $60 million Miraval estate in Provence:

I love learning about the land and which field is most suitable for which grape, the drama of September and October: Are we picking today? Where are the sugar levels? How is the acidity? Is it going to rain? It’s been a schooling for me. In the off months, I enjoy cleaning the forest and walking the land.
(Didn’t Dubya pass the time clearing brush off his land?)

And lest you think that rose the Jolie-Pitts released last year to great acclaim was merely a lark:

What really interests me now are the reds … We envision a superb Provence red. A super Provence. Give us seven years … I asked the question, ‘Why can’t we make world-class wine in Provence?’ Let’s approach it like a film, and let’s make something we can be proud of and people can enjoy.

But don’t go thinking Miraval is your average $60 million farm:

We became impassioned with this place, which could produce its own wine, its own food, and become a place where artists could congregate and share ideas.

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May 15, 2014
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April 7, 2014

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March 23, 2014
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March 15, 2014

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March 1, 2014
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