Times of India – November 20, 2006


Brad Pitt would rather see Arnold Schwarzenegger do Terminator IV than run for US president.

It was a confident, but anxious Brad Pitt who chatted with KT while waiting to speak with Mumbai police commissioner AN Roy at the police headquarters last week.

“I had no idea that our movies were so hugely popular,” Brad said, pleasantly surprised to learn about the dubbing of Hollywood films in Hindi and other Indian languages. “I hope the dubbing is done right. One of my films was dubbed in German and the guy doing my voice sounded so thick, he was almost shrieking,” he said imitating the German’s dubbing.

Pitt was also surprised to learn that film stars have become chief ministers in India. “Well we have Arnold Schwarzeneggar as a governor and before that we had Ronald Reagan as our president,” he pointed out. Pitt appeared to shudder at the suggestion that Schwarzeneggar would ever be president. “Actors make a mess of politics. I think Arnold should star in Terminator IV or V or something like that,” he said.

The incident at Anjuman-I-Islam school upset him deeply. “I don’t understand this. If at all they had misbehaved or uttered something objectionable, the dozens of cameras rolling would have shot that. When there is no evidence, how can anyone be arrested?” he asks, adding, “It’s one man’s word against another’s. But I am upset that these guys should be accused of a racial slur. Our unit is multi-cultural and Angelina and myself are completely above racism of any kind.”

When called in, Pitt walked in with confidence, but his face betrayed his anxiety. He asked ‘Mr Commissioner’ if he watched Hollywood films. Roy broke into a smile and said “Of course, I do.” Pitt asked “What kind?” Roy replied, “Well, I am waiting to see the new Bond.” If Pitt was disappointed at the outcome of the meeting it was probably not only because of Roy’s polite refusal to drop the case against the bodyguards, but perhaps because of the commissioner’s choice of films!