Skip – November, 2001

COOL IN LA VEGAS – by Elisabeth Sereda

In Ocean’s Eleven Brad Pitt plays a cool role in cool suits. But during the shooting he became a victim of George Clooney’s pranks, like he confesses to
Elisabeth Sereda.

SKIP: George Clooney und Matt Damon told me the story of the key to your room …

Brad Pitt: Those bastards!

SKIP: … Were you really afraid they had done something in your suite?

Brad Pitt: Of course, George is famous for his pranks. Everyday I spent 45 minutes rummaging the room. But naturally they hadn’t done anything – besides making me paranoid.

SKIP: Do you gamble?

Brad Pitt: Yes. Blackjack. I am a good gambler, I won’t deny it. I play with my gut unlike Matt who has learned it and in opposite to George, who has
never been able to win a single hand in his entire life.

SKIP: Steven Soderbergh does not consider Ocean’s Eleven as a remake but instead as a tribute to Frankie and his accomplices. Why?

Brad Pitt: What was so magical in the original one was the famous Rat Pack, Sinatra, Dean Martin and the gang, not the story. George surely told you the story of how they shot the original movie, right? Frank Sinatra came in, made a take. The director said: “Frank, we still need a second take.” But Frank responded: “Then copy the first one!” and disappeared! They were busy with everything else but the movie. They were entertainers that had shows every night, they gambled, they organized parties, they had the best time of their lives.

SKIP: That’s what we’re hearing from you guys too! After shooting you were supposed to be always very active in Las Vegas, right?

Brad Pitt: Yes, but we were not trying to emulate the Rat Pack – neither in the film nor behind the scenes. Those are big shoes and we were not trying to fill them. But God, we had fun!

SKIP: I one scene you are in disguise – was that Austin Power’s wig?

Brad Pitt: Yes. I wasn’t supposed to be recognized and our hair stylist was the same one from Austin Powers, and she pulled out this wig at the last
minute. It worked. I have also worn it privately when I didn’t want to be recognized by anyone.

SKIP: Maybe you should wear it when you don’t want to be followed by the paparazzi.

Brad Pitt: In the meantime I have become indifferent to them. If I let my pants down, I’ll let my pants down.

SKIP: You appear in December in an episode of Friends. How was it like working with your wife, Jennifer Aniston?

Brad Pitt: We had a couple of outbursts of laughter on the set. This series has the incredible power of making one happy. And right now we need that more than ever.