Bravo – 1997


We were all waiting for him…. All the mayor newspapers in Spain gave him a full page spread as a welcome… And aside from the rain in the capital it’s a radiant day…

Brad Pitt (33) has come to Spain, When he came down the stairs of the Luxurious Hotel wearing black pants and a gray shirt… (He’s more attractive than ever)… Our first question was going to be about his new romance but before we even had the chance, He asked us ‘please, this is not the rime to speak about my private life. I hope you understand.’ He said this with sadness in his eyes… Then we talked about the movie he came to Spain to promote 7 Years in Tibet.. In which he portrays Heinrich Harrer, A man whose life changes completly after he socialices with Tibetan Monks and Specially the Dalai Lama.

BRAVO Q#1: Taping 7 Years in Tibet, must have been Facinating.

Brad: Ofcourse, It was like an escape for me….. 7 months away from my house has left me filling like a new man… Aside form the problems (he says this with sadness in his face)

BRAVO Q#2: What type of Problems?

Brad: Well, I bet you know a lot about them…. 1st they didn’t let us shoot the movie in Tibet, we ended up taping the movie in Mendoza (Argentina) Then there was political pressure for the movie to be shut down and not shown ‘We’re in a black list’

BRAVO Q#3: Black LIst?

Brad: Yes, When the Chinese government (who now has Tibet under his control) Found out that the project was going to continue they decided that everyone involved in this movie were going to be banned from Tibet.. ‘even as tourist’

BRAVO Q#4: With everything you learned about the Tibetan people, did you ever consider becoming a Buddist?

Brad: (smiles) No, the region facinates me and the people impressed me.. Some of them appear as extras in the movie, they didn’t have any experience but their smile facinated me.

BRAVO Q#5: It seems that this movie has been more than a job for you.

Brad: When I started it. It was just a job for me, but when your there it affects you knowing that this people survived an invasion from china it’s really hard for it to not affect you.

BRAVO Q#6: There’s some risky scenes in this movie. Was that one of the reasons you accepted the role?

Brad: Yes, It was one of the main attractions to this role. (he waited almost like he didn’t want to spill a secret) I had to over come my fear of heights.. Being there scaling those huge mountains.. Were you see never ending snow it’s amazing but scary (Director Quote: He’s lying, when we were in Austria he climbed Mountains like a Pro)

BRAVO Q#7: You also had to do an accent from Germany right?

Brad: Yes, and believe me it wasn’t easy it’s like telling you to learn Spanish with a French accent… It was hard so I spent some time around people with the accent to absorb it and mimic it… It was complicated

BRAVO Q#8: It surfaced that Heinrich Harrer, Your character in this movie… That he had a past acquaintance with the Nazis before he met the Dalai Lama… If you had known this, Would you had accepted this role?

Brad: Of course, See this story is about the evolution of my character.. A Immature and selfish man that after learning about Buddism and the Tibetan people is sickened about his own past ideas and about the way he has lived his life…But I believe he was more Arrogant than a convinced Nazi… Just think during the 2nd World War he was scaling mountains, the he spend 45 years fighting against the war and racism.

BRAVO Q#9: In the las year Buddism is the new thing, Why do you think?

Brad: I don’t think is about being the ‘New thing’ I think is just about looking for something new.. Just think, why all of the sudden the world fixates on a small town far away from the world, with no money no guns. And that lives in peace with everyone.. I just hink that we live in a capitalist world that worries excessibly about money, fame and that has forgotten about the spiritual peace.

BRAVO Q#10: It’s been said that this role has the most matured character you’ve ever played.

Brad: I don’t know if it’s the most matured.. I hope i can keep learning as an actor. But i can say this is a step forward in my carrer and it has maid me meditate many things (i’ts really noticible that this experience has affected brad. He’s more pensive and serious)

BRAVO Q#11: What’s the most difficult thing you’ve done to get into character?

Brad: There’s many things, there’s risky scenes like scaling Mount Namga Parbat, in which my character hurts his leg and almots dies.. But i think that the mos difficult scene that i had wasn’t a physical one.. It was a scene in which I’m looked in a room with the Dalai Lama and he asks about my profecion. In that scene we were both facinated. but it was difficult for me, I spent all morning thinking on how i was going to do it.

BRAVO Q#12: Was it difficult to obtain this role? Or was it sent to you?

Brad: No, It was me that asked for it…. At the beginning the producer didn’t know who he was going to hire for the role… but i think i impressed him so much with my passion and persistance that he decided to have lunch with me and talk about the proyect… I think hired me because of the passion he saw in me for this role.

BRAVO Q#13: Latetly you’ve had more serious roles, Are you trying to step away from that image of bieng a sex symbol?

Brad: (he thinks hard and then answers) A long time ago i decided to stop worrying about changing my image.. I live day by day and I don’t obsess about what people think of me… The swx symbol thing it’s just there.. If they think that’s what I am.. What can I do.

BRAVO Q#14: You’ve said that the people that know success feel ‘deception’ Has it happen to you?

Brad: No, Fame and Money have never been my priority.. It has never been my #1 goal.. I think that’s the reason I haven’t experience that.. What scares me is all the people around me that have.

BRAVO Q#15: What are you referring to?

Brad: The raising number of suicides, problems with drugs and alchohol around the people that have achieved ‘fame’ scares me.. That just proves to me that money doesn’t make you happy…. And the thing that makes you happy it the pure love that friendship and family brings… That’s the kind of things to have around you Pure love.

It’s been 40 minutes since we started this interview and the time has gone flying.. After the interview brad gave us one of his beautiful smiles and have us a signed poster. That we will be giving to one of our readers….