Brundle Receives Note From Brad Pitt Over Awkward Pit Encounter

Sky Sports F1 Pundit, Martin Brundle, has revealed on Twitter that he received a note from Brad Pitt after their awkward grid walk encounter.

Brundle carries out the grid walk in the run up to the grand prix races where he interviews drivers, team principals, mechanics, and celebrities. It is all done on a whim so sometimes it does not go to plan.

Ahead of the Austin Grand Prix on Sunday, Brundle was down on the grid. As Brad Pitt walked past, Brundle tried to asked a few questions which the actor seemed less than bothered about answering so kept walking.

Brundle has since revealed to his Twitter followers that Pitt has sent him a “note” to explain what happened. He wrote:

“Got a note from Brad Pitt explaining what happened with our near miss on the Austin grid. Unnecessary, but nice of him.

“Absolutely nobody is obliged to talk to me on the grid, but as I endeavour to make 10/12 minutes of live and unscripted sports TV I’m obliged to at least ask.”

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