Lauren Lloyd on how she discovered young, pimply Brad Pitt

The director of an obscure Serbian film has shared the moment she “discovered” award-winning actor Brad Pitt as a young adult looking for his silver-screen debut, and how she was almost turned off giving him his start.

Before the fame of blockbuster productions like Ocean’s Eleven and Mr & Mrs Smith, a pimply but “electrifying” a 21-year-old Pitt responded to a casting call from the agency of Lauren Lloyd, former executive vice-president of Hollywood Pictures and Trust Sony pictures.

Lloyd described her first meeting with the young wannabe who would become a megastar back in the ’80s to Aussie podcast What is Was Like.

“So this kid walks in and I think he had done maybe one or two episodes in a soap opera … and I was like, who’s this kid? But it was like God walking in” Lloyd told the podcast.

“So I said ‘sit down and talk to me’, and he had kinda bad skin… but he seemed very calm for being one so young and non-experienced.”

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