Watch: Exclusive ‘The Big Short’ Character Featurettes

Today, we’re happy to debut four exclusive character featurettes for Adam McKay‘s (The Other Guys, Anchorman) long-time passion project and dramatic directorial debut, The Big Short. Based on the best-selling nonfiction book from Moneyball and The Blindside author Michael Lewis, the film investigates the housing and credit bubble of the 2000s through the story of four economic “outsiders”, played by Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt, who predicted the cataclysmic consequences of the major housing and bank fraud and use their inside knowledge to turn a profit of their own.

Our exclusive featurettes offer a little insight into the guys who beat the banks at their own game, including Mark Baum (Carrell) aka, “The Leader”, the fiery, outspoken Wall Street banker who doesn’t trust the system, Jared Vennett (Gosling), aka “The Insider”, the well-dressed smooth talker, Michael Burry (Bale), aka “The Visionary”, the socially awkward next-level genius, and Ben Rickert (Pitt), aka “The Mentor”, the wise ex-Wall Street pro. Meet them all for yourself in the character videos below.

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