‘Big Men’ is a docudrama about greed by Rachel Boynton and produced by Brad Pitt

“Big Men” is a documentary film by Rachel Boynton who gained unprecedented access to the inner workings of the oil business. Boynton filmed a small group of Americans at Dallas, Texas oil company, Kosmos Energy. Boynton’s film covers the years 2007–2011 when Kosmos and partners discovered the first commercial oil field in Africa’s Ghana.

The film is a look at one of the poorest places in the world and what desperation can lead people to do. You’ll see Boynton’s closeup view of private executive meetings talking about billions of dollars and a militant gang in the swamps of Nigeria’s Niger Delta. Variety called the movie a real-life “Chinatown” or “There Will Be Blood.”

“Big Men” was the winner at Cinema for Peace, earned a Grand Jury Prize at Festival International, and was named official selection at Tribeca Film Festival.

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  1. Valerie says:

    Thank you very much for posting. I had not heard anything about this documentary and find it most informative. I hope it comes to LA soon…thanks again.