Pitt hopes to connect with global audiences

Brad Pitt is eyeing more international collaborations and sees Korea as a significant industrial base for the process.

“I think we are living in a global community and I’m much more interested in … more global connections and interactions and cultures and nations,” the Hollywood star told reporters in Seoul, Tuesday, about what he hopes to achieve through his movies.

The promotional tour for “Moneyball,” which opens in local theaters this week, marks the 47-year-old’s first visit here. “I’m very excited to come here. Your market has exploded in a very positive way and it has become a hub of entertainment and sports.”

Pitt’s latest film tells the real-life story of a man who attempts to organize a budget baseball team. While it is about Billy Beane’s revolutionary use of computer-generated systems for recruiting players for the Oakland Athletics, the actor believes the emotional aspects of the film resonate with international audiences.

“No matter how much you can break the game down to a size, it’s all about the magical moments in baseball,” said Pitt, who is a personal fan of not only the Oakland As but his home state Saint Louis Cardinals.

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