Brad @ Ellen

Brad on the Ellen show – Taping
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 – 4:00pm Pacific time
Live WebCam:

Thanks Lynn & Chris. The show will be broadcasted September 22. EDIT. Date of taping has changed, please notice.


  1. wonderful to see you! {{hugs}}
    How is your bebe?
    chrisliz was the lucky fan who got to ask Brad q’s on Oprah. It ws so endearing.

    So, it tapes Tues and it will be on TV Thurs?

    lucky again lady..have fun. xoxo


  2. Hi Yoco I am a teacher and a well known Brad and Angie fan at school. A sub and former parent that I know pretty good approached me last week asking if I wanted to go knowing how much adore Brad. I was blown away and had no idea he was even going to be on the show, so total luck. Of course was on board and made my sub plans right away.

  3. Chris, Did you already have tickets to this show or did you find out Brad was the guest and somehow get the tickets? I’m just asking because since you are a big fan I was wondering if it was just a coincidence or did you have a inside connection(Smile)

  4. Thank you Chris, very much appreciated, I’ve adjusted the taping date. Please keep me informated and let us know how it was? Please join the forum :)

  5. Actually, they are taping the show Tuesday. I am going to the show. First we get to see Moneyball on the Warners lot and then go to the taping of the show at 4. If I get any good information I will let you know. Way excited tosee him again, this would be my sixth time seeing or meeting him and Angie.

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