1. OMG! My heart just stopped. He’s just magnificient! OH LORD! I just love him. Brad is just like a fine bottle of wine, he gets better with age!

  2. btw..I am 99% certain this was shot in L.A. when we saw Brad sit outside w/smoke & some female fans came to say hi to him.
    Also, there was one pic of Ms. Black nearby too.

    anyone know the story of the new bracelt thingy he’s been wearing?
    (to me it looks rose gold platinum but I don’t know zip lol)

  3. I don’t even know where to start. No photo shop, just real, masculine BEAUTY!!! I did have to compose myself too as I sucked in alot of air when I saw this photo shoot. Both of the photos are just, well JUST…NO WORDS. His HAIR…just love his hair, which again, is all his and all natural. I will troll the magazine stands until I find a copy of this!!!

    It is also a good article, all business, no gossip. Great read.

  4. Hit me with a feather! OMG..heart attack. What a frikin’ hunk of hunks.
    The dude is almost 50 & has the vibe of forever young.
    I’m happy his loyal longtime makeup person/friend. Ms. Jean Black did this shoot as ALL his films since T&L.

    Josie, waking up to this was like Christmas morning as a child.
    I’m here to say, nobody but nobody has the easy elegance cool of Brad Pitt. Nobody.
    The guy makes an old silk shirt look as I have to run out & buy one.
    Everything he wears, sits on, walks on, touches..I want.

    *sticking tongue out*

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