March 10, 2010
by admin / The Lost City of Z

From interview with Author David Grann.

Q: Brad Pitt and Paramount optioned The Lost City of Z in the spring. Any updates?

DG: They have hired a screenwriter and director and seem to be moving forward at a good clip.

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4 responses to “Lost City of Z update”

  1. Matina says:

    I am getting down … well,every time I just read blogs about future Brad’s movies ,but there is nothing really … You know 2008 was so rocking and suddenly nothing after that … I know he is working but damn I wanna see as soon as possible … I missed him so much! :)

  2. admin says:

    Creating something beautiful takes time Matina. I’m sure his next projects are worth the wait.

  3. mouhamad says:

    yes i miss brad to i want to see hm working again in extraordinary movies as usuall

  4. Matina says:

    Josan, your word really made me feel good … you are totally right! Thanks :)