November 4, 2009

• x25 November 04 – Inglourious Basterds (premiere) – Tokyo, Japan.
• x09 November 04 – Inglourious Basterds (press) – Tokyo, Japan.

9 responses to “Basterds in Tokyo”

  1. Norma says:

    He’s got beads in his beard!!!

  2. admin says:

    lol he sure does. Norma, you oughta join our forum, I think you’d like it :)

  3. Gaby says:

    Brad da dude looks so cool & loving
    he’s making a prequal to Basterds!!! that jacket!love the whole biker look.

  4. Matina says:

    I wanna come in the forum too .. I don’t know why I can’t register.. always it’s gives me errors … i am so sad .. I am here for a long time but still could not register into forum.. :(

  5. Matina says:

    I tried just now and it gave me this error that my password should consist of uper and lower part of keyboard but my email pasword is just numbers .. should I make a new email for forum with new password? I have even sent Email to the host but .. I am sad ..:((

  6. admin says:

    Matina, email me with your information please. The comments section isn’t for this, as La_miga suggested before.

  7. Danae says:

    he is handsome

  8. Matina says:

    Why so silent in here? brad where are you ?!

  9. sandrine says:

    his look remind me the same in 2002 august when he was totally beard, he had also beads !!! SO COOL I LOVE THIS LOOK