New Candids

A good friend of Gracie was so very lucky to spot Brad, Angelina, Pax and Maddox at a French Brocante yesterday and her friend took some photographs. Credit to Corey please! Thank you for sharing.
On a different note: spotted a ‘new’ tattoo on Brad’s right calve. No idea what it is though.

It was odd to see Brad and Angie walking along at this small obscure bronate. I know they sometimes live nearby. Most of the people at the brocante knew them, and to realize that Brad and Angelina did not know any of us, and probably would not remember any of this day a few weeks from now. But those of us at the brocante would remember and share over and over again… “I saw Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and two of their children at a brocante…..”

• x03 French Brocante – Entrecasteaux, France (08/23/09) thanks to Corey.

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  1. alero says:

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Norma says:

    They look so happy.

  3. asanty says:

    josan, here new pics of family…ance-home-s.php

  4. Marie-Do says:

    Thanks for the pics Corey and Josan!!!