News & Staff Update

As you may have noticed, the previous update was done by my friend La_miga. You may know her from her wonderful spanish Brad and Angelina fansite Brangelina Espanol. Due to me going on a trip to London this weekend, and at the end of the year for a much longer period to Australia, she has graciously accepted my plea to help out. I’m very committed to the website and so it would bug me if the site isn’t updated when grand Brad news is announced lol.

So, La_miga will keep you all up-to-date on everything Brad like I always try to do. Any new pictures will have to wait until I return. For my next trip I will have to see if I can also arrange the picture updates. Since SB is such a huge website with many layers of work and organisation (and me being the annoying perfectionist), this is how it will be for this coming trip. Please give her a warm welcome :)

Alright, so that’s the staff update. And now we gotta wait for pics to show up as Brad will attend the Los Angeles Inglourious Basterds premiere today!


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