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Added a compilation of Holmes in New Orleans. A program featuring Brad being interviewed about Make It Right and Holmes’ participation in the project. It follows Mr Holmes and his team as they build a home for one of the New Orleans families. Thanks Gabriella.

Also a video of Brad on the set of The Mexican talking about his costar Julia Roberts. Pressjunket for Interview with the Vampire, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Holmes in New Orleans (04-09-09).
The Mexican – Interview (00).
Interview with the Vampire – Pressjunkets (94).
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – TV (12-08-08).


  1. Anne, this isn’t a way to be in contact with Brad Pitt, this is just a fansite dedicated to his work ;)

  2. hello brad pitt i m glad to talk to you and i d prefer you were in france than abroad but i can understand that you are very bysy . i wander if you need to spend much time with your computer because you seem to work a lot. I d like to ask you if you wouldn t like to get an other job than beeing an actor because even if you really succeed in that field i can t see why it would prevent you from using your FAME in order to be the kind . good bye my darling love anne

  3. Thank you Lori, that means a lot to me.

    Liz, that’s fast. but I guess it doesn’t really matter where he is how when where, to me. But thank you for the info. Hope we’ll catch some pics of him soon, or Basterds promo!

  4. Actually Brad is on Long Island, NYC, French press said he came back to NYC last Friday nite after 2 days in France to be with his family for Easter. Also US press say he is carpooling his kids to school.

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